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Ansari - Present circumstances
The Momin of North India are mainly a landless community, but some of them are small and medium scale farmers, and mostly have been connected with the art of weaving. Now many members of the community have entered private or government service.Their relationship with the Sadh community of some importance, as they supply the Momins with the cotton cloth, used for printing.

The Momin do not have any traditional social councils, but have an India wide community organization, the All India Momin Conference. They are an endogamous community, only rarely marrying out of their group. There is no system of gotras, and cross and parallel cousin marriages are common as in other Muslim group. The community considers itself to be of Shaikh status, and if no suitable match is found is found within the group, marriages are acceptable within and other Muslim communities.

The Momin are Muslims of the Sunni sect, and are fairly orthodox, but are divided along sectarian lines between the Barelwis and Deobandis. Historically, the community produced the famous sage and philosopher, Kabir, . The Ansari are an Urdu speaking community, although the Garana Ansari of Gujarat have Gujarati as their mother tongue. More...

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