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Tipu Sultan: Vision and mission
When India was being freed from foreign rule on 15 August, 1947, it was hoped by Muslims that in that those who sacrificed their life and honour in freedom struggle will get due recognition and will be remembered in times to come. It was also expected that the injustice done to them during the British rule will also be removed and they will get a proper place in the history of India. That hope was natural because they had fought the alien rulers shoulder to shoulder along with their Hindu brothers. But all these hopes were evaporated just after drawing of freedom. The expectations started soaring and those who had tendered ‘apology’ to the British to gain favours and freedom, began to rise in every field including, history. Subsequently they launched attempts to wipe out names of Muslims from the pages of history of the freedom struggle. These people went on to authenticate false history propaganda by the British. This resulted in character assassination of such people who not only sacrificed everything they had, but also might have become a source of inspiration for coming generations. Those people not only got neglected, but were also labeled as cruel, inhuman, religious bigots, etc. Among such people, one is Tipu Sultan Shaheed.more...
Source: http://twocircles.net/2013may03/tipu_sultan_vision_and_mission.html
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